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The Top Five Cookbooks That Every Cook Should Own

cook books that anyone can use

Cooking is one of the most popular hobbies of the 21st century. Not only is it an enjoyable way to pass the time, but it is a significant and essential task for all people to engage in. In previous years, it was thought that ‘cooking is a job for the women’. However, these opinions have changed and males are now hopping on the train to cooking-ville. This article will discuss the art of cooking and the top five cookbooks that every cook should own.

1. A Book Of Sauces

Dry food is never pleasant to eat; therefore, it is essential that the dish have some form of sauce. A traditional addition to any dish would be a white sauce or gravy of some sort, but finding that ideal sauce can be difficult. Sauce creating is a skill that one must learn as the incorrect sauce could ruin the flavor of the food item. To overcome any problems with mismatched flavors, it is always recommended that you have a book of sauces available.

One of the most popular and helpful is the ‘Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making, 3rd Edition’ guide. It features over 300 recipes with color photographs and simple, easy to follow instructions. There are also numerous recipes for sauces to go with meat and low carb dishes which you can find out about in the Ketosis Cookbook review.

2. The Local, Heritage Recipe Book

Many individuals will seek out old-fashioned eateries with traditional meals when heading out to rural villages on vacation, and it is possible to create these meals in the comfort of your own home using a heritage recipe book. For example, comfort foods such as pickled shrimp from Virginia can be found in Sean Brock’s cookbook ‘Heritage’. This is an ideal and essential cookbook for any chef who is looking to create comfort dishes in addition to the fancy stuff.

3. The Meat Smoking Cookbook

The world is divided into two basic categories regarding people’s eating preferences: the vegetarians and the meat-eaters. An essential cookbook for all meat-eaters is the meat smoking cookbook.

Meat smoking is not always considered a particular skill; one would think that you either buy the meat smoked or stick it in an oven. However, accurate smoking of meat is vital to create the correct smoky flavor. Too much smoke and it will taste like ash, but too little and there will be no smokiness at all. The book ‘Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto’ can teach you how to obtain the correct meaty smoking balance.

4. The Italian Technique Cookbook

Almost every individual adores Italian food and cooking Italian food is essential for the skilled chef. To create the correct type of pizza or pasta for an event, it is important to be aware of the different techniques involved. A perfect pizza requires specific rolling of the dough and the perfect pasta needs particular pasta sauces. One cookbook that can teach you this with simple, easy to follow instructions is Giuliani Bugialli’s ‘Classic Techniques of Italian Cooking’.

5. A Pastry Cookbook

Cooking involves the skill of baking and owning a pastry cookbook is highly recommended for any individual looking to create the ideal dinner. ‘The American Baker’ is an ideal book to teach beginners the basics of backing simple to complex pastries of all sorts.